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Precise surveys save more than time and money

Services we offer include, but are not limited to:

Building without getting an accurate survey

If your land survey is not precisely accurate, not only will it cost you some time and money, but it can also open up the possibility of legal issues. Inaccuracies could also lead to environmental concerns, which could then create irreparable harm not just to your company but your country too. That's why you need the professionals at Neset.


You won't find another survey company that works harder just to comply with all legal regulations and accuracy standards set forth by state and local governments. When you need it done right the first time without question, contact Neset Land Surveys.

You might know exactly where your property line is, but do you know for sure what your legal setbacks are as determined by your locality?  What happens if you start excavation too close to a property line and in violation of setbacks? These are reason why you need Neset.


It's not your job to know every legal procedure or the ramifications of violations - that is our job. That's why Neset Land Surveys is critical to your home, your business, and your bottom line. Before you sign a contract or before you pick up a shovel, contact Neset and get it right.

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